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Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing is serving top-of-the chart services to its customers from overpex repipe orange county 17 years. With 100% customer satisfaction rate we are leading in this class of business after all customer satisfaction is our aim. By this approach we have outshined all our rivals slowly and steadily. In early days, things were difficult as we were hardly getting any contract. Team wasn’t that much qualified and similar problems that every new comer faces in the business. But now we have covered the ground well and gripped the market firmly. Home owners, business buildings etc are now in our list. We are their first choice every time. There are many customers that use our services on repeat. We have expanded our business, team members and services. Things which have not changed are our commitment, hard work and reliable service at convenient price range. Since our inception we have maintained our quality standard and have served best of services to our clients.

What services we offer?

Copper repiping

We all know that with time the quality of the materials get affected and water pipes are no orange county repipeexception. In past couple of decades, galvanized pipes were popular and were installed in every building and house. Presently all those pipes needs replacement because they have started showing signs of corrosion, low pressure and rusty water output. Replacing such pipes with copper pipes is known as copper repiping. Our whole team is well qualified and skilled and experienced in repipe work.

Plumbing services

To save few dollars people usually try solving their plumbing problems themselves and make a mess. If you need plumbing services contact Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. What separates us from others is that we are a licensed company and we charge genuine price for our services. For verification, you can check our license number on top right side of our homepage.

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You can get a price quote for your service order by calling us or via contact form in which you just have to fill in some essential contact details.

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