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You don’t daily come across a company who is licensed, people’s number one choice every time and have an experience of over 17 years. With 100% customer satisfaction rate, we are leading the charts of this business. Our first few customers were are direct but then everybody came with a reference. Our first panel of customers shared their experiences with rest of the people in the town, a series of such events took place and we became popular in no time at all. With increasing days in this business, satisfied customers’ list we decided to increase our services too. Now we offer

Copper repiping services: In copper repiping, the damaged pipe system of the house is replaced with new copper pipes. We use the best available copper in the market as water runs through them and health factors cannot be neglected.

PEX Repiping: If not copper, then you can choose PEX tubes for replacement purpose. PEX has many advantages over rigid metallic pipes. Its installation is easy and easily available in the market. It can be bent at any angle without the use of couplings and fittings. It doesn’t even require soldering and welding to make joints.

Water Heater Install Repair: Don’t trust amateurs when you need to install water heaters. You need experts like Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. who proceed in every project with full commitment.

Faucet Install Repair: Everybody looks for cheap and best service providers for faucet install repair services. That’s why decided to step in with our affordable but reliable services.

Garbage Disposal Install Repair: We also have garbage disposal install and repair services in the vault for people.

Gas Line Install Repair: There are a lot of risk factors attached with gas. Their pipes need to be placed perfectly to avoid all risk factors, only the experienced ones can do that. You can contact us for such services.

Toilet Install Repair: You can also check our toilet install and repair price packages. We assure that you will get best price form us only.

There are also Water softeners, shower tub, tank-less water heater installation and repair services available with us. Whatever your plumbing need is always remember Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. We are just a click away from you.

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