Garbage Disposal Install Lakewood Ca.

Electrically powered, garbage disposal units are installed to shred waste food into tiny pieces, small enough so that get pass through drain and other plumbing pipes without causing any trouble in the form of blockage. It is placed or installed beneath the sink’s drain and the trap which shreds the waste material. It can shred the waste to about 2 millimeter size. You can find variety of disposal units in the market. The most used model for the domestic purposes is of 250-750 watt power and has an insulated high-torque motor, circular turntable mounted horizontally on the top end of the insulated motor. You can also select a model that comes with automatic jam clearing facility. Their size and capacity also varies. You should decide according to the number of persons live in your house because the total waste produced in a house depends upon the persons living in the house. 10-20% of the total waste is also covered only by waste food.

Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing have worked on all kinds of garbage disposals. We are in the plumbing business from last 17 years and have successfully managed to satisfy all our customers with our Lakewood garbage disposal install and repair services. Our track of all these years is incomparable.

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