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One of vital areas at the house is bathroom and all of you very well know it. It is used many times in a day by each member of the house and if you are having guests in your house it is used even more times. Because of their excessive use bathrooms need a special care and attention. They need to fulfill home owner’s expectations functionally and fashionably. For repair, replacement or installation services of high quality at cheap price take Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing into account.

Our La Palma shower tub install services are already famous among the people of this town. We are serving best of the business services from past 17 years. No other company has that much experience in this category of work. With time we have improved our service list and the list of our satisfied customers. Be a smart customer and don’t go to amateurs for such services. No doubt they’ll charge you less amount of money but their lack of knowledge, proper tools and equipments will create a mess in your house. Also, they do not care about certification whereas we are a genuine company with proper authentication. Our license number is available on our webpage. All our plumbers are also authorized to do all kinds of jobs in plumbing industry.

Types of shower tubs that you can have in your house
Freestanding Tubs: They are deeper than other variants and are ideal for soaking in.
Whirlpool Tub: Warm water swirls in it and gives a soothing experience to the bather.
Recessed Tubs: These tubs have one open side known as apron.
Corner Tubs: Your bathroom space will appear to be more if you install this tub as it always is placed at the corner.
Platform Tub: This tub is placed on a solid platform made from wood, stone or tile. This is just like the detached tub but can be placed anywhere within the lavatory.

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