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All of you might have faced clogged toilet problem once in a lifetime. Some might have faced it couple of times year, seasonal or after short interval of time but we all know that it’s messy, inconvenient and annoying to deal with. People of Buena Park region usually face problems with their toilet as most of them have old toilets installed in their houses. They trust no one but our Buena Park toilet install repair services. We at Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing always give our best to our customers. Since our inception we have significantly improved our service list in toilet repairing. Our variety of services in toilet repairing includes clogged toilet repair, running toilet repair, toilet installation, leaking repair, flush valve repair, toilet flange repair, flapper repair and toilet gasket replacement.

Clogged toilet can raise the water level in the bowl resulting in a huge mess. Sometimes it overflows out of the bowl too. You can’t flush anything. Clog could be in the drain pipe in sewer pipe or in the trap itself. It is an irresistible situation but you don’t have to compromise with it at all. Just give a call to us and we will be at your place and will solve the problem in shortest period of time and at best price.

Running toilet can raise your water bill. It happens if there’s any leakage in the pipe. After one flush the water flows for a quite a long time, more than expected time. This warns to the issue of running toilet. You should get it repaired on time as it will be consistently increasing you water bill. Spend few dollars and get the repair work done to save the money that you would have spent on major replacement work and on high water bills. In the long successful career of 17 years we have dealt with all kinds of plumbing and toilet repair and replacement projects. There’s nothing left now that we haven’t done in this line of work.

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