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Toilets are as important as other essential items of the house. More number of individuals living in a house more the usage of toilet becomes. Its repair and maintenance is also vital. At Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing we all know how important toilet’s proper installation and working is. If you have got a faulty toilet that looks to run (leak), clog, has broken flushing mechanism or is not working due to any other reason just give us a call as we can fix it on time ,in an effective manner and without hurting your finances. Our La Habra toilet install repair services are very customer friendly and popular among the people of the region.

Running Toilets: It occurs when water incessantly runs in your toilet tank for quite long term just after one flush. This leak will waste up to two hundred gallons of water daily and your water bill will also be increased. We know many of you would jiggle the handle in such situation. Don’t do that. Spend a little amount of money and get it repaired from us it will save wastage of water and also large amount of money which you would spend on major replacement services.

Clog: Toilet won’t flush, that’s specifically what a clog will do. It doesn’t let the toilet to flush and creates a let the water level rise within the bowl and consequently spill onto the ground. In some cases there’s obstruction within the drain pipe, sewer pipe or in the trap attributable to that regular plunging is required. It won’t be necessary if you take our routine checkup services which are available at very low price. They are total value for money packages. Many have opted that and got satisfied.

Toilets which were manufactured before 1994 use water 3.5 gallons per flush (GPF). Newer low-flow bathrooms with same quantity of flushing power use 1.6 gallons per flush. It makes them water saving and economical too.

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