Water Softner install in L.A and O.C.

Water softening is the process of removal of magnesium, calcium and other metal cations from hard water. The soft water we get after the process is more compatible with soap and increases the lifetime of plumbing. There’s a saying that “hard water is hard on both the house and people using it”. Two main minerals in hard water, calcium and magnesium are terrific supplements that hurt owner’s health and finances.

They account for.

Dirty laundry and shorter life-spans for clothing
Water spots on cooking utensils, china, glassware and flatware are hard to remove
Lime scale and rust strains on shower heads, sinks and faucets
Soap scum on shower tiles, tubs and shower curtains
Inefficiency and failure of applications such as cloth washing machine, dishwashers, water heaters etc.

Before hard water causes more serious problems call Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing for water softener install repair services. We have wide range of services available in this category. Installing a water softener is the most common solution to get rid of hard water. Our people have installed various types of water heaters in multiple locations in their long span of successful career.

The pipe structure of the water softener is very complex we do not recommend that you go for its repair or installation by yourself. We would first look at the architecture of your house and then suggest the best place to install it. Selecting the location for the unit is important. It needs to be positioned so that it can tie into the water supply at a place that will allow soft water in the house but not through the outside hose links as softened water kill the plants. Check the usage recommendations of soft water from the system manual first.

Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing has been in this business for the last 17 years. Since our inception we have maintained the quality level of our services and satisfied all our customers. People love to work with us because of our experience and our certification. We are a licensed firm. You can see our license number on the top right side of our webpage.

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