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Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) are the two minerals that are termed as ‘hardness material’. Though there are several other minerals that are found in water but Ca and Mg are found in most cases. They adversely affect water’s quality, color and odor. Plumbing pipes, tanks, taps, sinks, tubs, utensils and materials made up of metals. It leaves water spots on all them which look dull in dry conditions. They lose their shine too. Garments also don’t last long if you keep washing them regularly with hard water. They lose their color and get distinctively stained. Soaps also do not produce froth when treated with hard water. When soap with hard water is applied to the skin it produces a sticky element known as soap scum or soap curd which clogs the pores present on the topmost layer of the skin.

The basic working rule of a water softening unit is that it works on the method that to make water soft pass it through sulfonated styrene beads superheated with sodium. There are three other salts that are rock salt, solar salt and evaporated salt are also used to soften the water.

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