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There are many firms currently operating in the market that offer Norwalk water softener install repair and replacement services but no one can match up the service standard of Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing. Our services are the perfect combination of cheap and best. They are best on quality basis and cheap on the basis of price. No one in this business has an experience of over 17 years and in this long span of successful career we haven’t disappointed any of our customers. People we hire are also experts of the field. We train them well, fill them with knowledge and then send them in the field to perform task for customers. Water softener is something that mustn’t be handled by amateurs as it requires special skills and experience to do the job perfectly. Its installation is difficult to understand because of its pipe structure. Not everybody can do that but our employees.

Hard water is a major and common problem is the homes of Norwalk. It affects almost everything that comes in touch with it. Plumbing pipes, sink, bath tub, utensils etc. are left with spots on them when treated with hard water. It also takes away their shine and decreases their life span. Garments washed with hard water lose their color, strength and gives a distinctively stained texture. Hard water does not allows soap to form froth easily rather it forms soap scum also known as ‘soap curd’ which is a sticky material which if left on the skin will clog the pores on the outermost layer of the skin. There are many minerals found in hard water but primarily there are only two that are considers as the ‘hardness material’ and they are Calcium and Magnesium. Each leaves affects a quality of water. They attack its odor, color, taste etc. If you want to get rid of it then get a water softener unit installed in your house today. Call Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing now.

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