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Calcium and Magnesium are the 2 minerals that are termed as ‘hardness material’. Although there are many other minerals that are found in hard water but mostly Ca and Mg are the main ones. They affect water’s quality, color and create an unpleasant odor. Hard water adversely affects pipes, tanks, faucets sinks, tubs, utensils and other materials made from metals. It leaves spots on all them making them look dull. It takes away their shine. The life span of clothes is decreased if you wash them with hard water. They’ll lose their color and become stained distinctively. If hard water comes in contact with human skin, it’ll block the pores on the outermost layer of the skin. It also destroys the froth creating ability of the soap and leave soap scum everywhere.

There are several firms in the market that provide Santa Ana water softener install services but no can match Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing’s service quality and price range. Our services are the perfect combination of cheap and best. They are cheap price wise and best quality wise. Our experience of 17 years reflects in our work. Our people are known for completing the job on time and effectively. Water softener installation should not be done by amateurs. Water softener system’s pipe structure itself is complex but people working under us know each and everything about each and every model of these systems in detail. They have worked of many projects. There’s hardly anything left that we don’t have or provide to our customers.

The basic working principle of a water softening unit is that it works on the ion exchange process in which water passes through sulfonated polystyrene beads which are supersaturated with sodium. The hard water passes through the softening material. Softened water is not suggested for watering plants and lawns as it contains sodium which damages the plants.

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