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Cross-linked polyethylene water supply system is known as PEX. It has many advantages pex repipe orange county and los angelesover other standard metal pipes which are usually made from iron, lead or rigid plastic pipe systems with CPVC, PVC or ABS. Installation of PEX is much faster than metallic pipes. It also need less connections and fittings as it is a flexible, it can resist chlorine and it doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks. PEX repiping services are holding their ground firmly.

More people are opting for these pipes over rest of the others due to many reasons. PEX has several advantages over other pipes, some of them are lower handling and shipping costs due to their less weight, it has more storage options, PEX tube is manufactured by extrusion process and is stored and shipped on spools. Rigid pipes require a lot of fittings, like T-shaped fittings, elbow fittings etc. whereas PEX is flexible and can be turned to 90 degrees without any couplings or additional fittings. As they are non-metallic, soldering or welding is also not required in their case. This eliminates the risk factor involved in such processes. Copper or rigid pipes are more prone to freeze breakage, they also assist in heat transfer but PEX is exactly opposite of that. PEX is resistant to freeze breakage and doesn’t transfer heat as much as other materials do. You might also have heard water hammering sound in pipes. It doesn’t happen in case of PEX. It is less pensive than metallic pipes. Due to so many advantages we, Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing hardly receive any compliant of PEX tubes.

pex repipe orange county ca.Our 17 years of experience reflects in our work and that’s the reason why our list of satisfied customers is increasing day by day which is a nightmare for other companies in the same business. People always choose us over others because Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing is a reliable and licensed company. You can even see our license number on top right side of our website’s homepage. Our team’s skill and experience have really helped us gain trust of so many customers. We strive hard to finish every repipe in a timely manner with the best quality and least disruption to your home.

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