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Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing is America’s best pipe replacement and repair company and pex repipe los angeles cais running successfully in the market. People doubted us when we staretd our Los Angeles re-pipe services. They said we won’t last long because other companies had already made their goodwill among people of the region. We took it as a challenge and worked hard to give our best every time we got a new project. Slowly but surely we gained popularity and became famous in short span of time. Our first project was a real success and our client shared his experience with other people and things took a positive turn. Sooner than we expected we became leaders of the business outshining all our competitors. It was our team’s commitment and dedication towards the work that resulted in our quick success. We focused of customer satisfaction and achieved it exactly the way we want to achieve it. Our most clients opted for PEX repipe services due to its popular advantages over rigid pipes. Read further to know about advantages or PEX.

PEX has are lower handling and shipping costs due to their less weight, it has more storage options, extrusion process is used to manufacture PEX and is stored and shipped on spools. Complex structures of rigid pipes need fittings, like elbow fittings, T-shaped fittings etc. whereas PEX is flexible and can be turned to any angle without any couplings or additional fittings. Soldering or welding is also not required in their case as they are non-metallic. This pex repiping los angeles caeliminates the risks of injuries while installation. Rigid pipes are more prone to breakage due to freezing, they also aid in heat transfer but PEX shows properties exactly opposite to that. PEX is resistant to freeze-breakage and doesn’t transfer much heat as compared to other materials. You might have heard water hammering sound in pipes. It doesn’t happen in case of PEX tubes, they transfer water silently. They are less expensive than rigid metallic pipes. Due to so many advantages we, Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc, hardly receive any compliants with PEX repipes.

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