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Repiping is the process which is done by abandoning all existing residential water piping and pex repipe walnut careplacing them with the new ones. It is mainly done to solve problems like low water pressure in the house, metallic taste of the water, rust particles in the water etc. Most houses that were built 14-15 years ago have galvanized iron pipes installed in their water supply system. They have started showing signs of corrosion and leakage, before it gets too late replace your piping system. If you are living in or around Walnut then you can trust Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. for plumbing services. They are serving best of the Walnut repipe services to their customers. Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. is popular in the whole region of Los Angeles County, California and Walnut is a prosperous city in the county.

We recommend that you go for PEX tubes and pipes for replacement as they are more beneficial than rigid pipes. Some of its benefits are listed below

1 PEX pipes have lower shipping & handling costs due to their lightweight preperty.

2 Fittings like, like elbow fittings, T-shaped fittings etc. are required in case of rigid pipes whereas PEX is flexible and can be curved to any angle without any coupling or additional fitting.

3 Welding and soldering are also not required in the case of PEX as they are non-metallic. This eliminates the risk of injuries during installation.

pex repiping walnut ca4 Rigid pipes are more prone to breakage due to freezing.

5 PEX is resistant to freeze-breakage and doesn’t transfer much heat as compared to other materials.

6 You might have heard water hammering sound in pipes. It doesn’t happen in case of PEX tubes, they transfer water silently

7 Copper and other metallic pipes assist in heat transfer but PEX shows properties exactly opposite to that.

Due to so many advantages we, hardly receive any compliant of PEX tubes from our customers.

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