Anaheim Slab Leak Repair

A single pin-hole leak in your water pipe can damage your house property, walls, floors and ceilings. Don’t let that happen. If you ignore the tiny thing which you can repair in few dollars then you have spend much more than few dollars to repair bigger damages caused by the tiny thing. Leaks in water pipes can lead to

Cracks in walls, ceilings and slabs

Low water pressure from the taps

Occurrence of moisture under the carpet

Random wet patterns on the walls where pipe is leaking

It also weakens the whole structure

If the material is leaking due to the damage caused by the corrosion then the quality of water also suffers. You may face rust particles in the water.

Unnecessary increase in the water bills because meter will be running even if you close all the taps.

Anahiem is the most populated city in Orange County with estimated population of around 340,000. Most of the homes in the area are very old and their water supply system is damaged which needs replacement. If you need replacement services contact none other than Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. Our Anahiem slab leak repair team is always up and ready to solve plumbing problems of the people of this city. To keep up with the quality standard we always hire best people for the job, use advanced tools and equipment to detect leaks. We don’t create mess by applying hit and trial method and breaking down you walls and ceiling from random areas. We are famous for finishing the job on time and neatly. You will hardly find any difference in before and after scenario of the replacement work. We don’t let our customers wait too long. Our wide variety of services include slab leak repair, repiping for both copper and PEX and that too at affordable price. We charge genuine price from our customers and don’t keep anything hidden from them.

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