Mission Viejo Slab Leak Repair

Mission Viejo is located in southern Orange County, California, U.S. One of the largest master planned communities ever built under a single project in the United States is Mission Viejo. It has population of about 94,000 and almost all of them have galvanized pipes installed in their house. We have received many complaints of Mission Viejo slab leak in past few years. Galvanized pipes with time show signs of corrosion, leaks and other problems. They need a quick replacement otherwise you will experience slab leak problems. Slab leak is serious issue that should be taken into account. Following are the conditions that tell us about the slab leak and the need of replacement.

Wet patterns on the wall due to leaks in the pipes behind the wall

Moisture under the carpet

Crack on the walls and ceiling

Low water pressure

High water bills even if you used limited water

A hot spot at particular area on the floor or wall due to leak in a hot water pipe

If you experience any of these, call Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. for expert level services. We have years of experience in providing plumbing services. Our skills, knowledge and experience reflect in our work. We always try to maintain the quality level of our service and in order to do that we hire qualified people for the job, who are willing to do the job with full dedication. Another reason of our 100 percent satisfaction rate is that we always use updated equipment and tools in the job. Another quality of our team is that they are very tidy in their approach. Like others they don’t create a mess while performing any task. In this field we are known for finishing the job neatly and effectively. You won’t find that much perfection in any other company’s work. Call us for repiping, slab leak and other plumbing related services.

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