Pasadena Slab Leak Repair

In the residential area of Pasadena California, plumbing system in most of the houses is old and damaged. People living in that area are facing problems of low water pressure, rusty and impure water, false taste of water and many more. In Pasadena slab leak issues are also increasing as pipes are getting older and facing leaks. People said that they were getting high water bills no matter they use water in abundance or not! They experienced crack on their floors, walls and ceilings, moisture under the carpets, wet patterns on the walls. There are three methods which you can choose to repair the damage.

Spot repairing: slab is spread out from the leak spot and repaired in spot repairing process. This is cost effective, time saving method.

Repiping or replacing: The old pipeline is replaced with new one. It takes more time than spot repairing to switch total pipeline. This is done if the water supply pipes are too old and has history of several leaks before too.

In-place pipe coating: Epoxy pipe coating is applied on the inner side of the pipe to seal the leaks. Corrosion is also treated by this method.

You should get it repaired as soon as possible as it can lead to major problems, more mess and more costly services. Contact Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. for best repiping services. You can choose PEX or copper repiping, both have their own significance. There are multiple benefits of choosing us over others.

We finish work on time

We don’t charge any hidden cost from customers. We believe in being crystal clear towards our customers and for similar services we charge less than out competitors.

We always proceed systematically in every project.

We are tidy in our approach. We don’t believe in creating mess during the work

We have experience of over 25 years in this business

We have 100 percent customer satisfaction rate

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