Pomona Slab Leak Repair

If you are living in Pomona, you might be having galvanized iron water pipes or tubes of any other rigid material beneath the layer of your foundation. Our survey results show that those pipelines are more than 14-15 years old and are on the verge of complete damage. It is better to replace all that before it’s too late.

A small leak in your water pipe can weaken your walls, floors and ceilings. Don’t let that happen. Leaks in water pipes can lead to

Cracks in flooring, ceilings and walls

Low pressure water from the taps

Moisture under the carpet

Wet patterns on the walls where pipe is leaking

It also affects the strength of the structure

Quality of water also suffers if the material is leaking due to the damage caused by the corrosion. You may get rust particles in the water.

Sudden increase in the water bills because of continuous run of the water meter even if you close all the taps.

Pomona is the seventh largest city in Los Angeles County, California with estimated population of around 150,000. Homes in that area are very old and their plumbing system needs replacement. If you need replacement services contact none other than Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. Our panel of Pomona slab leak repair team is always up and prepared to resolve plumbing problems of the people of the region. To keep up with the class standard we always employ best people for the work, use superior gear and equipment to spot leaks. We don’t create untidiness by applying hit and trial method and break down your walls and ceiling unsystematically. We are well-known for concluding the job on time and neatly. You will barely find any dissimilarity in before and after situation of the replacement work. We don’t let our customers wait too long. Our wide range of services include slab leak repair, repiping for both copper and PEX and that too at reasonable price. We charge true price from our customers and don’t keep anything hidden from them.

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