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Description Of Work: We needed to have our 1900 sq. ft. home re-piped stat, after several leaks, both pin-hole pipe leaks and slab leak. We had our home on the market, and had to pull it off to take care of this problem. Time was critical, and we needed a completely professional job.

Ameri-Cal's reviews were so stellar, we were a little skeptical. But they completely lived up to all the superlatives. If only all contractors were this good...everything was as promised. Toby should teach Customer Service - if he didn't pick up his phone immediately, we never waited long for a call back.

Crews were punctual, organized, cleaned up after the work, took away all the refuse. Re-pipe foreman Alex was excellent, and the patching crews were good. Calls were made for city inspection as promised, so there were no delays. Both city inspectors who came out were complimentary of the work. Patch and texture work was done very well.

If we knew then what we know now, we would have called Ameri-Cal after our first leak, years ago. The cost of the re-pipe pales in comparison with what we spent in fixing all the leaks, and we would have been spared a lot of grief.

During all the work, the guys took great care in hanging vinyl drapes to contain the dust as much as possible, but be warned - you will have massive clean-up to do afterward. We had air-ducts cleaned, deep (post-construction) housecleaning, painting of patched areas, carpet cleaning. But it's worth it for the peace of mind - 25 year warranty on the PEX, lifetime warranty on the work. We can't recommend Amer-Cal too highly!

Description Of Work: Repipe of a 2100 sq ft house with 2 bathrooms done in 3 days! (Day 2 was strictly waiting on inspector.)

After several years of procrastination due to fear of mess and cost, I finally pulled the trigger. And guess what? My fear was unwarranted.

Ameri-cal was awesome! Most previous reviews already cover what I have to say so I'll be brief.

Day 1- Repipe was done quickly and neatly. Interior floors and items were covered to prevent as much mess as possible.

Day 2- Inspector came out and met with me. Repipe passed with flying colors. The inspector was impressed and even commented that the job was done well and was a really clean job.

Day 3- Initially, one patcher had shown up. He stated he didn't know how big the job was and said he would have to finish the following day. I explained to him I was going on vacation and leaving that following day. I had previously explained this to the salesman so I guess there was a slip up in communication between them. But not a big deal. After I explained this to the patcher, reinforcement troops were sent in and the job was completed that day.

Thank you Ameri-cal for your excellent work!

Description Of Work: Ameri-Cal did a complete repipe of the two story slab foundation house using PEX. Approximately 17 fixtures.
Member Comments: Ameri-cal did an excellent job from start to finish. Accurate estimate from Toby. On time. Performed exactly as indicated. Very good protection of house from dust using plastic sheeting everywhere. The drywall repairs to walls and ceiling were excellent and they matched the texture and it was flat and even. I have made personal recommendations to friends who are also in need of repipe,
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Description Of Work: (1) Copper pipe of house
(2) Move and replace 1 shower drain
(3) Replace 1 tub drain
(4) Install cast iron tub
(5) Install reverse osmosis filter
(6) Install gas pipe to stove
(7) Install gas pipe in backyard for gas BBQ

Member Comments: I highly recommend Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing. Every concern and question that I had, their manager Toby and owner William were always available for me. They communicate well with all forms - text, email, and phone call. They were willing to do whatever it took to make me a happy customer.
I had interviewed probably 5 other companies before deciding on Ameri-Cal. Their price was very fair, and I am very happy that I decided to go with them.
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Description Of Work: They replaced all of the copper plumbing in our house. A team of five completed the work in three days.
Member Comments: They did a pretty good job. They completed the work very quickly and were very organized. They were professional and Alex did a very good job of coordinating the guys.
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Description Of Work: Complete copper repipe of HOA clubhouse & pool areas including kitchen sink, four toilets, one urinal, two bathroom sinks, two showers, and two hose bibbs. Install new 40g water heater and dispose of old one. Replace all shutoff valves with new style. All drywall and stucco repaired to paint ready condition.
Member Comments: Our homeowners association clubhouse had a leak in the main line in the concrete floor slab. Ameri-Cal's bid was the lowest and most detailed out of five obtained. Toby was confident and very knowledgeable we felt we could trust him. They also had the HOA required Worker's Comp and Liability insurances and bonding, unlike a couple of the other contractors we interviewed.
Toby took the time to explain the options and we felt very comfortable approving his bid afterward. The crew that showed up to do the work was fantastic as well. They worked efficiently and left the place cleaner than when they had started. The repipe was done the first day, repairs to drywall and stucco and cleanup were done the second day.
Ameri-Cal was the only company that seemed to realize that they could complete a good part of the job inside a mansard roof with a fair amount of crawl space. They worked in that space instead of cutting holes in the ceilings and running the pipes from the rooms below.
They also recognized that the exterior walls on the building contained a narrow hollow area in which they could enter and use to run the pipes. Picture the interior side of the "exterior walls" running straight vertical like normal, with a small angled open space outside of that, and finally another framed wall after that which holds the stucco finish. So the building looks like a stucco teepee with the top cut off from outside. This also greatly reduced the need for holes in the drywall and less painting for us later. One contractor wanted to run the copper pipe outside around the building, leaving it exposed to theft, damage, etc. The others wanted us to move a bunch of stuff in two storage rooms to get access to the walls. Ameri-cal saved us a lot of unnecessary time and effort. We are extremely please with the work done and will recommend them to our neighbors when they need a repipe or a water heater.
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Description Of Work: Total copper repipe.
Member Comments: We found them on Angie's List (first time users BTW), so this is an endorsement that the site REALLY WORKS. Overall VERY GOOD and VERY RESPONSIVE. Toby was great. Something highly unusual in the trades. These folks have their act together and REALLY know their stuff. They did what they said and delivered on the promise. Professional and efficient. Even the LA city inspector commented on the high quality of the work. The patch-up crew that closed up the walls, did some of the best dry wall work I have ever seen.
And just so this does not sound like a "shilled" review...although they did seal up the house in plastic to control dust and cover the floors with rosin paper...(which for the most part did the job) when they left (in fairness it was dark at it was 9:30PM) there was some trash around the yard, left over paper and tape and some construction debris. All this said, in the scheme of things this was hardly an issue and in final analysis one of the best experiences with any contractor/plumber/builder etc. PERIOD.
If you are in the market for a REPIPE, this is the group to go with!
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