Very pleased with the services. We actually contacted the company to see if they undo clogged drain. They do… they quickly came and took care of the matter within 5 minutes. Very professional!

We also hired them for a whole house water filter system (Puronics BPS water treatment system) due to the unknown contaminants in the city water. This is to ensure the whole family health and wellness, and also the longevity of the whole house piping system.
Many corroded house water pipes are due to the chemical treatment added in the city water that get sent to each household.
That’s scary! Think of what goes in your body after all that corrosion!
Installing the purification system is only a very small price to pay if you take into consideration of the cost of future re-piping of the whole house and also health care cost of sick family members.
We made the right decision I know, because the water now taste much sweeter and fresh, and the best part is that all faucets are potable now! I can even drink water while showering!

This company provided the most information and correspondence, which to me is very crucial. I know all the members on the team take pride in their work and customer satisfaction is  very important to them. I am so happy that I found them!

My A. – Artesia