Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing, Inc. is a full-service, licensed water treatment, restoration and plumbing services contractor.

Some Important Facts:

  • Located in Buena Park, San Bernardino, San Diego and Carlsbad, CA.

  • Serving All of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Inland Empire and San Diego.

Our Customer’s 1st Choice!

Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing, Inc. is proud to be named: “First Choice!” By our customers. We have earned this title with our on-time and excellent service reputation.

Our Commitment:

Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing, Inc. makes the following commitment to both our existing and new customers:

  • Hard work

  • Reliable ‘On Time’ Service

  • Mitigate losses and reduce mess in record breaking time

  • Affordable and reasonable pricing structures

  • “Best in Industry” Service and Performance

Our Customer Profiles:

Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing, Inc. serves both the residential as well as the industrial and commercial real estate markets. No job or remediation project is either too large, or too small for our Teams to address.

What You Can Expect When You Call For Help:

  • Timely response: Generally within the same hour that you make the call to our offices

  • Fair, accurate and reliable pricing schedules

  • On Time and Reliable Response Teams on Site

  • Highest quality workmanship and performance materials

  • Full 90 Day Warranty on our parts and serviced items and property systems

Our Core Values

Here at Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc., our Teams of Specialists operate by a strong set of core values.
These core values are:

Professional and “On Time”
Reliable Services
Dedication to Clean and Prompt:
“Quiet Service”
Usage of “Best in Class”
Materials and Quality Products
Affordable and Fair
Pricing Structure

Our Teams of Specialists have served over 10,000 + customers in and around the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Inland Empire and San Diego.

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