Copper Repiping:
How to Protect Your Property

Water pipes in both residential and commercial properties can be made of galvanizedHow to Repipe

pipe. Over time, these galvanized pipes erode. The marks of corrosion are easily identified.

You can do a quick evaluation and examination of your own piping conditions. Look for:

  • Visible marks of corrosion
  • Any pinprick holes or cracks
  • Sediment and heavy metals that settle into the bottom of a glass

Copper Repiping:

Here at Ameri-cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc., our expert Team of technicians and replacement specialists remove corroded and damaged pipes. Our Teams will do an assessment of your property. Our Team will determine if your pipes require replacement of the old pipes.

Our Teams install fresh, non-corrosive copper piping. The finest copper is installed by our Teams because copper is free from contaminants and retards against corrosive buildups.

Affordable Cost and Timely Installation:

The cost for services varies with the size, scope and current condition of your existing piping infrastructure. Our Team Leader will provide you with a thorough cost analysis. You can be assured that our prices are both competitive and also assure quality workmanship.

Here at Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc., we pride ourselves on:

Quality ?On Time Service? and Affordable Prices!

Discoloration of Water and Foul Smell or Taste:

Run a simple test: get a glass out of your pantry. Fill it halfway with water direct from your tap. If you see sediments settling at the bottom of the glass, or if you see any discoloration of the water, or if you notice a foul smell or taste: pay close attention!

Discoloration of Water, Foul Smell and Taste are clear signals that your piping needs to be replaced and upgraded!

Our well-trained Team of Experts can easily, quickly, cleanly and efficiently replace and upgrade your pipes. This process generally takes less than three full days to complete.

Our Team of Experts work without disturbing or displacing your family. And our Teams never leave a trace of their hard work!

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