Hydro Jetting:

Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. is proud of our reputation for providing excellent Hydro-Jetting Services.

24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When your pipes clog…you call Ameri-Cal.

Ameri-Cal specializes in cleaning out tough, hard-to-get-to, unpleasant clogs. The kind of clogs that stop your water from flowing. The kind of clogs that cause pipes to burst. The kind of clogs that other companies can’t fix. Ameri-Cal and its Teams of Specialists: Clean Clogged Pipes.

Our commercial grade hydro jet machines are the perfect answer for restaurants and retail locations that have sludge and grease traps.

Our compact, ‘home version’ hydro jet systems are the right size to clear up most residential problems.

Why Use Hydro Jetting:

Debris, roots and mostly corrosion close pipes off. When the pipes inside of your property clog—bad things happen quickly for you. Imagine filling a balloon with too much water. Imagine that balloon popping. Imagine this happening inside of the walls, ceiling and flooring of your property.

Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing, Inc. uses hydro jetting to break free most blockages and obstructions from your pipes. How does Hydro Jetting work?

How it Works:

A Hydro Jet is designed to spray multiple streams of water at very high pressure through a tiny, concentrated nozzle. The nozzle sprays water under intense pressure. The pressure can reach up to 3,600 PSI. The nozzle in multiple directions in high-powered streams.

Ameri-Cal has discovered that Hydro Jetting is extremely effective for:Hydro-Jetting

  • Scrubbing piping from the inside
  • Clearing piping of sand, grease, roots and debris

Downstream Cleaning:

Hydro Jetting sends all debris, clotting agents and dirt and grime downstream. We clean your pipes right the first time!

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