They were great!  Jake came on Saturday and assessed the situation and the guys showed up on Tuesday afternoon, Monday was a holiday, and installed a new spout and changed my under sink filters that I’d already purchased.  Great company; they called to confirm and to let me know when the plumbers were on their way.

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Sue C.


My experience with re-piping was bittersweet. My association recommended the re-piping just a week before Christmas. Terrible timing. 20 years of living had to be unpacked and moved within 24 hours, to ready the areas for cutting. It was very hard on me, as a homeowner. Americal did a great job, in spite of my anxiousness and frustration, during the entire process, at such an inopportune time. I appreciate all the work they did. I needed to go to work every day. Jonathan was great. As a project manager, he met with the city both times it was needed, so I did not have to leave work. It was hard enough to come home to such a mess every night. I didn’t want to be home throughout the day anymore than absolutely necessary. The entire process was completed within one week and thanks to everyone’s hard work, I survived the ordeal. I’ve noticed my hot water heats up a lot faster now and the toilets don’t run as long.

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Cindy D.


Alberto from Ameri-Cal was assigned to come over and help us with our drainage problem by the side of the house building collecting water.  Other plumbers had suggested the said water collecting was from failed drainage from within the house.  Alberto recognized a crack in the concrete pathway adjacent to the building extending from the landscaping to the above side of the house.  He said the water is from the irrigation travel via the crack in the concrete.  He said to shut off the landscaping water for 24 hours and monitor the water collection area.  It became as dry as a bone.  Alberto should be commended for his knowledge, experience and good faith effort saving us money and us avoiding restoration costs within the house.

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Koorosh H.


Again, Americal Repipe and Plumbing in Buena Park (Knott Avenue) shines through. This time, a sprinkler pipe connection. Alberto Vasquez was on time, pleasant and was wearing a mask and gloves, even in the California heat. He made sure my leak was fixed and made sure I’m happy. AMERI-CAL is my go-to plumber. Thanks again!!

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Kim L.


Alberto helped us with a gas line extension from the gas meter outside to our new gas dryer. When he showed up, he was very respectful of our home, including putting covers over his shoes. We were looking at different options, but he matched the price of another company we were looking at and did a great job of explaining to us how he would go about doing it over the phone. On the day of, he showed up on time with a face mask on and completed the work in about 5 hours. When he was finished, he walked me through the work he had done and left no trash and cleaned up well! We have other projects coming down the pipeline and plan to have Alberto help us out in the future.

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Elena C.


I would like to recommend Ameri-Cal Repipe and plumbing, they did a great job on our repipe in a timely manner and everything went smoothly,  they also include drywall and patch, also their employees are very respectful as well. Their pricing was better than the company that everyone uses in our area. I recommend you get a quote from them on your repipe, we were very happy with their service.  Thanks Ameri-Cal !

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Laurie A.


I recently had my repipe done with Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing and was extremely happy from the first meeting to the final installation. Their price was very close to the other five companies but we went with them because of all the photos posted on Yelp and their lifetime warranty was very appealing. We have them scheduled for Monday at 8am and they were prompt, all eight of them. They proceeded to put plastic sheeting over everything and I was very surprised how detailed they were to protect everything (flooring, walls, carpeting, etc.) in our home. They were in by 8am and left at 3:30pm and the place was spotless. But I was most pleased with the patching. They patched and textured the walls and you couldn’t tell where the patch work was…it was that good. They took out all the permits and coordinated the inspections and they followed up to make sure that we were happy. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family

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Gerry O.


I’ve had such a wonderful and grateful experience with Toby and Sam. I had requested a quote on getting my ring out of my sink – I was clumsy and it fell through the drain. I quickly googled YouTube videos on how to get it out of the pipe; however, even though it looked easy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. I messaged a lot of plumbers and they all offered to help me get the ring for price ranges of $100-200 which is just ridiculous, as my ring itself is only a $50 ring but it was a gift – I had to get it back. Toby replied to me on yelp and asked me to take a picture of my drain and he sent Sam on his way a few hours later at no charge. I was completely shocked by Toby’s kindness and I couldn’t believe how friendly both Toby and Sam were. Sam was joyous to help me with getting my ring back and really made my whole week. These guys are amazing 🙂

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Michelle P.


Five plus stars!!!!
I would highly recommend Ameri-Cal Repipe & Plumbing to anyone who is looking for complete repiping. The whole process was very quick and professional, working with Paul who came out for the initial estimate, working with Toby who coordinated everything for us including the abatement company we needed to cut the walls that had asbestos with Micheal’s help, the foreman Carlos and his team of plumbers who were very thorough and conscientious with keeping the carpets clean and covered during the repiping and completed the repiping of the entire house within less than 8 hours, which was amazing considering the huge job they had on their hands – redoing a disaster repipe job done by a different plumbing company. Jonathan and his team did a beautiful job with the drywall. The city inspection passed as everything was up to code!  I would definitely recommend this company to all my friends and family!
Thank you Ameri-Cal for making what could have been a very stressful project go very smoothly and reduce a lot of anxiety!

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Amy W.


I called and talked to Tobi on December 18 Wednesday, the weekend before I had to leave town for Christmas. I had a water leak and was wondering how to handle it? Tobi said no problem we will do it all on Friday, December 20th. They came at 8 am and by 4:30 they had done the whole repipe and had the water back on (3 bedroom house). We were so relieved (imagine our stress). After we came back in January, they arranged for inspection. Came the next day did a flawless patch work and texturing, so perfect some areas no need to paint. Here are the ratings:

Responsiveness     = 5 stars
People doing work = 5 stars
Neatness                = 5 stars
Patch Work             = 5 stars
Overall                    = 10 Stars

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Sekhar S.


We had pinhole leaks that were driving us nuts! We had about 5 in a row and decided we needed to do something. We thought about doing the epoxy but decided to get a couple estimates for repiping. We had 3 estimates and Ameri-Cal Repipe and Plumbing was by far the best. Almost too good to be true- they patch all the holes when they are done w the repipe! They repiped our whole place with Pex pipes, we had water the same day. They arranged the permit process and then came in and patched everything for us in one day!! Patched and texturized the walls- all ready to paint! Paul came and gave us our estimate- he was friendly and helpful and answered all of our questions. Jonathan was really great about getting back to us right away and also responded to texts quickly. He was very helpful with the whole process. Ulysses and his repipe crew were awesome. We are just very pleased with the outcome and they made the experience very manageable. We totally recommend this company for a repipe! =)

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Wendy R.


Wow! This has been such a great experience. I 100% recommend Ameri-cal Re-pipe & Plumbing for all your repiping and plumbing needs.

I was recommended by my electrician, who is doing a full electrical rewire of my house, to look into re-piping my water pipes while the walls were open. I agreed, so I looked on yelp and found Ameri-Cal repiping. I saw that Ameri-Cal had great reviews so I sent a message on yelp on a Saturday evening and I got a reply from Toby right away. That night, I chatted with Toby and he gave me a very fair estimate. And we agreed to meet at the house the next morning to walk through what needed to be done. Toby answered all my questions, gave recommendations, and provided a contract. There was no pressure, he left the contract, I told him that I would have to think about it, but it only took me a few hours to call him back to confirm the job. I just couldn’t think of any reason to not go with Ameri-Cal plumbing.

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Kor C.


Slab leak. Called several different plumbers and repipe specialists. We decided to do a full repipe for our triplex. Toby called and asked to earn our business. Long story short… repipe was done in 1 day. $2000 cheaper. Drywall was amazing, Carlos and his crew did magic. Passed inspection no problem. Told them I was getting the money together from the bank, they said no problem. Didn’t charge anything upfront. Sent the full payment today. No stress, no inconvenience. Do yourself a favor and call these guys.

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Gulfield J.


Recommending these guys is no problem at all. Toby went way out of his way to accommodate my hot water heater needs (even on New Years). They did not have to go out of their way for me but they did. I would say that Toby spent about 3 hours finding the heater that i needed. Not an easy task on new years. Sam came out the same day to replace my water heater. He was so courteous, professional, clean and knowledgable. Their pricing was not the cheapest but very fair. what i lost in the budget was made up in the service. I was pleasantly surprised with Ameri-cal plumbing and now I can call them my new plumber.

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Auntie M.


I was referred to Ameri-Cal by a neighbor. We decided we needed a complete re-pipe after our second pipe burst in 2 years. From the beginning they were very professional. Paul, took us through the process and explained how some incremental work we wanted done would be handled.
Often, what “the salesman” says and what the “implementation crew” says don’t match. Not the case here. The company is in lock step, from the expectations to the reality.
They were on time, fast, and efficient. What was promised was delivered.
We could not be happier with the result we received and we would highly recommend them to others (as we have), to deliver a professional, quality job from start to finish.
Doug and Judy Boxx

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Doug B.


Toby was awesome. He was willing to stop by multiple times after-hours. Communication via text made things super convenient for my lazy millennial self. Honestly though, the transparency and speed of the work done were great – will be doing business with them again.

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Aaron K.


We had a gas leak in our stove, it’s probably been going on a while but we just got our bill and it was way higher than normal. We requested these guys to come out an stake a look. Within minutes of my online request, I got a text for more information. I appreciate communicating through text in this day and age it’s my preferred method so I loved that! Anyway in less than an hour (awesome response time!) they send over Isaac, who was very courteous and put on show covers before coming in. He was able to find and fix the problem in our stove right away. It was $150, which I feel like is a small price to pay for not dying in my sleep or accidentally blowing our house up. Issac was also kind enough to check on our water heater at the last minute and give us some info on that. Thanks for the quick and efficient service!

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Kay C.


Very pleased with the services. We actually contacted the company to see if they undo clogged drain. They do? they quickly came and took care of the matter within 5 minutes. Very professional!

We also hired them for a whole house water filter system (Puronics BPS water treatment system) due to the unknown contaminants in the city water. This is to ensure the whole family health and wellness, and also the longevity of the whole house piping system.
Many corroded house water pipes are due to the chemical treatment added in the city water that get sent to each household.
That?s scary! Think of what goes in your body after all that corrosion!
Installing the purification system is only a very small price to pay if you take into consideration of the cost of future re-piping of the whole house and also health care cost of sick family members.
We made the right decision I know, because the water now taste much sweeter and fresh, and the best part is that all faucets are potable now! I can even drink water while showering!

This company provided the most information and correspondence, which to me is very crucial. I know all the members on the team take pride in their work and customer satisfaction is very important to them. I am so happy that I found them!

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My A.