I’m a General Contractor and this is the first time I used these guys, the job was a large repipe. They are great guys, super honest and hard working. I will use them for many more jobs ahead. Ask for Alex and Gabrielo, both are amazing and will take care of you. Mike Tomasevich Rockwood Homes – Design and Construction.

Mike T., Rockwood Home - Design and Construction

Very pleased with the services. We actually contacted the company to see if they undo clogged drain. They do… they quickly came and took care of the matter within 5 minutes. Very professional!

We also hired them for a whole house water filter system (Puronics BPS water treatment system) due to the unknown contaminants in the city water. This is to ensure the whole family health and wellness, and also the longevity of the whole house piping system.
Many corroded house water pipes are due to the chemical treatment added in the city water that get sent to each household.
That’s scary! Think of what goes in your body after all that corrosion!
Installing the purification system is only a very small price to pay if you take into consideration of the cost of future re-piping of the whole house and also health care cost of sick family members.
We made the right decision I know, because the water now taste much sweeter and fresh, and the best part is that all faucets are potable now! I can even drink water while showering!

This company provided the most information and correspondence, which to me is very crucial. I know all the members on the team take pride in their work and customer satisfaction is  very important to them. I am so happy that I found them!

My A. – Artesia

My A.

We had a leak between the first and second floor of our home.  The water was finding its way through an electrical box on the first floor ceiling; this is a situation that needed attention immediately.  We called Ameri-Cal Plumbing and the owner stated that he would contact his team in the field and see if anyone could get to our home quickly; they were all out on assignments.

The team of Armando and Jaime showed up quickly, found the leak and repaired it within 20-30 minutes.  Both men were very professional, taking extra precautions not to track the plumbing mess all over the house.  Yes, you should call Ameri-Cal Plumbing.  Profession, quick, clean and courteous.

S O. – Cypress


Finding a reliable plumbing company is not easy today. I’m writing this review because I’ve found the best plumbing company in Orange County, Ameri-Cal. Reliable, affordable and efficient. I had the pleasure of having Armondo come by to fix a worn sprinkler system. The frozen valve that controlled the whole system was very old. Armondo had that replaced in no time. Adjusted everything and checked the system to make sure in was functioning like it’s supposed to. I forgot to mention, I waited two days for someone else to repair it, they never showed up or called. Hmmm. Lost out on my business. Thank you Armando!

Tom H. – Lake Forest

Tom H. - Lake Forest